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Your loft conversion: How it's built

High End Lofts Ltd take pride in providing excellent quality craftsmanship.

Building your loft conversion
Initial Consultation: Tom will come to your house to assess your needs and view your loft space. He will then provide you with a detailed quote and on acceptance building will commence on an agreed schedule of works. If you are using our Architect then they will come to survey the property, there will be a consultation with him also. Scaffolding On average, one to two weeks before work commences, the scaffolding around your home will be erected. This is when the team will take measurements for the structural steels and timber, the order for the materials i.e. Steels and timber, will be placed and the crane will be booked in to get exact date of delivery.
First Fix: Once the scaffolding is in place then your roof will be stripped for access, the crane and materials will arrive and work can commence.
First Fix: Carpentry and Roofing Once the steels have been fitted, and inspected by building control, we will construct the Dorma from construction timber. The installation will be wrapped in a waterproof, breathable, membrane and we will felt line the flat roof with a high performance polyester roofing felt.
First Fix: Electrical: Now the installation is watertight the Electrician can run cabling to all of the points needed, ready for the insulation and plasterboard to be fitted.
First Fix: Plumbing Alongside the electrical work the plumber can now lay the pipework for the heating and hot and cold water supply.
Roofing: First we will fit new Tanalised roofing battens and then code 4 lead to all roofing junctions and window/door openings. We then tile the roof and fit fascia, soffit, and guttering.
Stairs: First we cut a hole in the ceiling for the stairs to be installed. Our stairs are hand crafted from Redwood pine with MDF treads and risers.
Insulating and Plaster boarding: All walls, slopes and roof of the Dorma will be insulated with thermal sheeting Celotex; all internal walls are insulated and soundproofed with Rockwool. We then clad the whole loft in 12.5mm Plaster board using drywall screws. The joints are then tapped and two coats of finishing plaster are applied. There is another inspection by building control at this point.
Second Fix: Carpentry We will now fit the skirting boards and architrave throughout the loft. We also hang half an hour fire rated doors. All door furniture to be supplied by the customer. All uPVC windows/doors will be fitted.
Second Fix: Electrical The electrician will cut in and install the sockets and light fixtures and fittings. Mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up will also be installed.
Second Fix: Plumbing The plumber will fit any radiators (supplied) or bathroom fixtures/fittings as required and supplied.
Final stage: There is one final inspection to sign off on the work, the scaffolding will be removed and the site will be cleaned. Your loft is now ready for you to decorate.